Brass insert called ultrasonic, heat staking inserts, moulded-in inserts and press-in inserts, and the brass inserts including following patterns: brass straight knurling insert, brass reticulation knurling insert, diamond knurling nut and cross knurling inserts...etc. although different patterns used for different process. but the brass insert we manufacture  apply to these typical applications for plastic industries , Automotive industries, outer casing of computer or mobile, electrical appliance telecommunications and other plastic outer casing, etc...The surface plate of brass insert can be natural, nickel, zinc and any coating as per customers specifically requests.
The thread of brass insert including UNC UNF DIN BSW ISO types
Most of insert for plastic we manufacture are available in brass.
Range of insert:
  • Un headed brass hex drive
  • Brass knock –in inserts
  • Brass screw in inserts
  • Brass slot drive inserts
  • Knurled expansion inserts
  • Mould in inserts
  • Multi micro inserts
  • Brass ns ultra inserts
  • Brass self-threading inserts
  • Brass spreading inserts
  • Brass screw in regular head inserts
  • Headed brass hex drive
  • Knurled expansion inserts
  • Multi headed inserts
  • Multi un headed inserts
  • ISO Metric,MM threads
  • Any threads as par custom design and specification
Length & Size:
  • Begins from M2 threads up to any length & size we can produce as par custom specification and requirement.
  • Automotive industries
  • Plastic industries
  • Telecommunication
  • Transport & Mobility
  • Free cutting Brass IS 319 Type,
    BS Type & High grade
  • Any Brass material as par customer requirement
  • Natural finish
  • Nickle plated
  • Tin plated
  • Any platting as par customer specification